We are radically different to any other building renovation company in Melbourne and thought you’d like to be in on the ‘secret’.


TURN A HOME INTO YOUR SPACELet's talk interior design

We don’t just look at the 4 walls you live in, we look at the people who live there – How do you use your space? What’s important to you? We work with you to create a beautiful home that is tailored for your lifestyle. But what makes us different? Unlike other builders, who juggle several different jobs at once, we focus solely on you and your renovation

Our project managers work with you from the beginning, ensuring that your design is both stylish and practical for your lifestyle, and will oversee every step of the project to ensure you love the end result every bit as much as we do.
Owner Design
Your life, your style, your way.
With so many options available, Floret helps you find the right fit for your lifestyle. With years of experience combining style and functionality, you can be sure to reach the right solution to suit your individual needs.
Prep For Sale
Selling a property doesn't have to be a stressful experience! Trying to do everything at once is hard enough without everyone telling you something different. Floret will work for you alongside your property agent to know your market and ensure every dollar spent will bring a positive return.
Property Refresh
Floret has specialised is investment property refurbishment for many years, and we know how to help maximise your property and make sure it stands out from the rest. We ensure it will be easy to maintain and long wearing.